A new CLIMAF session will be organised at IPSL. As a reminder, CliMAF (http://climaf.readthedocs.org/) is a python environment developed jointly at CNRM and IPSL within the ANR Convergence projet. It aims at an easier analysis of our simulations both interactively and to build atlases. Today CliMAF has reached a sufficient maturity and is used by a couple of guinea pig scientists for their work.
This second CliMAF session will follow the same format as the first one:
- the morning will be devoted to demo and presentations of CliMAF
- the afternoon will be used for practicals (examples of how to use CliMAF in your daily work, on Ciclad, your own laptop or simply on paper)
We remind that this second session will be in English. We hope that we will be able to gather all the people who could not attend the first session.
Please fill the poll:
We will determine the date of this second date by the 1st of October.

Jérôme and Stéphane