Convergence facing Big Data era and Exascale challenges for Climate Sciences

  • To develop a platform capable of running large ensembles of simulations with a suite of models
  • To handle the complex and voluminous datasets generated
  • To facilitate the evaluation and validation of the models and the use of higher resolution models.

The methodology consists in developing an ensemble of generic elements needed to run the French climate models with different grids and different resolution, ensuring efficient and reliable execution of these models, managing large volume and number of data and allowing analysis of the results and precise evaluation of the models.

All these generic elements will be open source and publicly available. The IPSL-CM and CNRM-CM climate models will make use of these elements that will constitute a national platform for climate modelling.

The CONVERGENCE project will constitute an invaluable step for the French climate community to prepare and better contribute to the next phase of the CMIP project.

The CONVERGENCE project is founded by the French National Research Agency (ANR) for the period 2013-2017.