The platform will be built on ongoing efforts to homogenize and to unify generic elements of the French climate models. So as to unify and homogenize platform’s components a dedicated communication bus will be implemented. The French community has adopted a flexible approach to climate modelling based on “families” of models within which a suite of configurations addressing different aspects of our scientific guiding questions are defined. The model families may differ in various ways: resolution, vertical extent, horizontal domain (e.g. global or regional), active parameterization, complexity (e.g. atmosphere-only, coupled atmosphere-ocean, carbon cycle, ocean biogeochemistry, etc. ), etc… But the different members of one family must share the same basic physical properties and any changes in their configuration must be limited to those required to address specific scientific questions. Such imbrications of model families and configurations pose considerable challenges that we propose to address in CONVERGENCE.

The U.S. NRC Panel Report “A National Strategy for Advancing Climate Modelling” identifies the challenge we plan to address as an urgent priority. This view is shared by DOE, NOAA, NASA, EC FP7, WMO, and other agencies (