TASK 0: Coordination
MS0.1 Sterring comitee meetings Meeting 2-3 month IPSL, GAM, CERFACS, MDLS, IDRS
MS0.2 Definition and update of the detailed roadmap Meeting M2, M24 IPSL, GAM, CERFACS, MDLS, IDRS
TASK 1: National Platform for Climate Modeling
MS1.1a Test of the 1st version of the platform with IPSL-CM Software M24 IPSL
MS1.1b Test of the 2nd version of the platform with IPSL-CM Software   IPSL
MS1.3 Design of the suite of simulations and tests to optimise the tuning process Technical note   IPSL
TASK 2: Towards a high resolution coupled model
MS2.1a Solving memory scalability issues Report, Software M6 IPSL
MS2.1b MPI-OpenMP implementation in IPSL-CM reference version Report, Software M18 IPSL
MS2.2a Management of the input files by XIOS Software M24 IPSL
MS2.2b Management of the start/restart files by XIOS Software M27 IPSL
MS2.3 Interpolation capability included in XIOS (I/O) Software   IPSL
MS2.4 High quality interpolation weight and parallel coupling available to IPSL-CM and CNRM-CM Software   CERFACS
TASK 3: Runtime environment
MS3.1 Method and study to assign process/tasks on cores and nodes of supercomputers of IDRIS and TGCC (single component and MPMD mode) Technical note M24 IPSL, IDRIS, GAME
MS3.2a XIOS anlaysis tools release (load balancing computing I/O tasks) and integration in libIGCM environment Software M24 IPSL
MS3.2b Scalable analyse tool for Oasis3-MCT release, to determine scalabilities of each component and optimal number of processes to fasten the whole system and integration in libIGCM environment Technical note M24 CERFACS, IPSL
MS3.3a Superviser agents Architectural Design Technical note M12 IPSL, IDRIS, CNRM, CERFACS
MS3.3b Supervisor agent release candidate (enabling control  channel, full event logs, call tree traversal capabilities and regression test handling) Prototype M24 IPSL, IDRIS

Supervisor agent final release (successful rescheduling for known failure)

Software   IPSL, IDRIS
TASK 4: Big Data Management and Analytics of Climate Simulations
MS4.1 XIOS included in all IPSL-CM components (CF and CMIP compliant) Technical note M6 IPSL
MS4.2a ES-DOC C++ interface available Software M12 IPSL
MS4.2b CIM metadata generation through XIOS at runtime Software   IPSL
MS4.2c Documentation of errata and successive versions CMIP6 data Software   IPSL
MS4.3a Simulations data from XIOS and references observation easily ingested by data services Prototype M18 IPSL
MS4.3b ESGF publication client available and included in libIGCM environment Prototype M24 IPSL, IDRIS
MS4.3c ES-DOC publication client available and included in libIGCM environment Prototype   IPSL
MS4.4a Server side processing and core functions available at data location Prototype M18 IPSL, GAME, CERFACS, IDRIS
MS4.4b Additional core functions and optimisation available at data location Prototype   IPSL
TASK 5: Climate Model Assessment Framework
MS5.1 Beta-version of the general driver and UI Prototype M6 CNRM, IPSL
MS5.2 Beta-version of the Service Layer Prototype M12 CNRM, IPSL
MS5.3 Inclusion of a set of « test » diagnostics in the general    driver – release of the beta version of CliMAF on a GitHub repository Prototype M18 CNRM, IPSL
MS5.4 First operational version of CliMAF Software M30 CNRM, IPSL
MS5.5 CliMAF implements a set of additional diagnostics from the contributors and can be used for model development and monitoring Software   CNRM, IPSL
MS5.6 CliMAF includes all features but network-related ones Software   CNRM, IPSL