Tasks and working groups

It concerns the management of the project, the valorisation and the sustainability of platform.

Task 1 – National platform for climate modeling

It will ensure the platform release, the documentation and training. It will realize four typical implementations of the platform and an example of its challenging use.

Task 2 – Towards high-resolution coupled models

It aims at developing and providing all the necessary tools and environments to allow running high resolution coupled models. It includes mixed MPI/OpenMP parallelism optimisation, managing IO and scale aware parameterizations, parallel interpolation and coupling mechanisms.

Task 3 – Runtime Environment

It aims at the ability to manage all aspects of high-performance scientific workflows. The goal is to connect our family of models to state-of-the-art HPC computing platform and to develop a supervisor daemon to ensure seamless completion of long lasting high end climate simulations.

Task 4 – Big data management and analytics of climate simulations

It deals with Big Data challenges. The goal is to provide the data management and analytics component in order to ensure continual delivery of a comprehensive end-to-end solution able to bring together large volumes of diverse data at any velocity to generate new insights.

Task 5 – CliMAF: a framework for climate models evaluation and analysis

It deals with evaluation of climate simulations data. We propose a generic environment leveraging the data services infrastructure deployed in task four. Taking for input simulation results and observational data, this task will provide a set of pertinent analysis components targeting a framework for seamless evaluation of the climate models.

convergence tasks